Family sitting with mother after getting ZEJULA (niraparib)

Getting ZEJULA (niraparib)

Ready to take the next step and get ZEJULA?

Talking about ovarian cancer treatment options with your doctor is a great place to begin, but one of the hardest parts of any conversation may be getting started. Knowing what questions to ask can really help you lead the conversation.


Keeping a journal can help you focus your thoughts before sharing them with your doctor. You can list any symptoms you’re experiencing and express how you’re feeling. You can also write down any questions you have about starting a new treatment.

Use some of the prompts below to prepare for the conversation:

  1. What is maintenance treatment?
  2. When would ZEJULA be an option for me?
  3. How does ZEJULA work?

Frequently Asked

How do I get ZEJULA?

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Things have been challenging lately. Where can I go for support?

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I may need help with access to ZEJULA. Is financial assistance available?

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