ZEJULA will be ONE tablet once-a-day starting in August

Your ZEJULA prescription will soon come in the form of one
single tablet taken once-daily instead of one or more capsules.

Not actual
ZEJULA patient

Guiding you
through the
to tablet


Priorities and goals may have changed
throughout your journey, but ZEJULA
is with you every step of the way.

Now as a single tablet, it has the
same expected efficacy and safety as
capsules with the same active ingredient.

from capsules
to tablets?

Why is ZEJULA transitioning
from capsules to tablets?

ZEJULA tablets were designed to reduce the number of pills you may need to take each day.

What you can expect with your new tablet:

One tablet per day icon

Just one tablet per day

Tablet icon

Tablets are film-coated and have a reduced size*,
which may make them easier to swallow

*based on length

Blue clock icon

Can be taken with or without food. Choose the
same time each day, one that's convenient for you,
to take your once-daily tablet.

The change from your point of view

With the new single-tablet dose, you will take one tablet once-a-day.

See how your current ZEJULA capsules
will convert to tablets:

  • 3 Capsules

    Current Capsules (300 mg)


    New Once-Daily Tablet (300 mg)


    (not actual size)

  • 2 Capsules

    Current Capsules (200 mg)


    New Once-Daily Tablet (200 mg)


    (not actual size)

  • 1 Capsule

    Current Capsules (100 mg)


    New Once-Daily Tablet (100 mg)


    (not actual size)

Tablet icon

ZEJULA, now in tablet form

ZEJULA tablets have the same active ingredient with the same expected efficacy and safety as capsules, so your treatment journey can continue as prescribed by your doctor with tablets.

For additional information about ZEJULA, and support along the way, sign up for ZEJULA My Way.

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Not actual ZEJULA patients. ZEJULA is not indicated in patients under 18.

Next steps

Now, you may be wondering …

“Ok, I’ve got it. No matter the number of capsules I took before, I will now be taking one tablet once daily …
so what else do I need to know as the transition occurs?”

Three capsules icon

Your remaining ZEJULA capsules: 

Continue taking your ZEJULA capsules as prescribed by your doctor until they run out.

Bottle icon

When will I receive my ZEJULA tablets?

You could see your ZEJULA tablet prescription from your pharmacy anytime between August and October. Please contact your pharmacy if you have any questions. ZEJULA tablets will come in a round bottle which should be used for storage.

Taking your tablet

calendar icon

Take one tablet at the same time each day, with or without food

Blue clock icon

Find what works for you by taking your ZEJULA tablet alongside a daily activity like brushing your teeth before bed

Moon icon

Taking your tablet at night may help reduce nausea

If you vomit or miss a dose, take the next dose at your regularly scheduled time; do not take an additional dose.

Tablet icon

Always swallow your tablet whole; do not crush, chew, or split your tablet

Reminder as you move through this transition—you’ve got this and we’re here for you. To help guide you through the change as you look ahead, we’ve got a checklist to make sure you’re on the right path.

Download Checklist

ZEJULA patient with doctor

Actor portrayal - not an actual physician

Doctor icon

Reach out to a trusted resource

With any change, questions are sure to arise. Be sure to connect with your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist about any questions you may have about the transition to tablets.