Reimbursement Support

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Together with GSK Oncology is a reimbursement support program for you and your doctor to help with access issues related to ZEJULA.

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Together with GSK Oncology offers a dedicated team of reimbursement support counselors who:

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Look into your insurance
and work with your doctor to provide guidance on your plan's coverage and benefits*

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Can help you determine if you are eligible for a 15-day supply of ZEJULA in the event of an insurance coverage delay

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Offer co-pay assistance
for eligible commercially insured patients

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Provide referrals
to patient advocacy organizations and to third-party resources that may assist with out-of-pocket expenses

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Can help you determine if you are eligible for the Patient Assistance Program

*The information from Together with GSK Oncology is not a guarantee of coverage.
The annual maximum coverage for co-pay assistance is $26,000.

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