Specialty Pharmacies

If you get ZEJULA through a specialty pharmacy, pharmacists and nurses will be available to help address your questions and concerns.


Your physician may choose to dispense ZEJULA to you or use a specialty pharmacy. If your doctor dispenses ZEJULA to you, they will help you get started with your treatment, ensure you receive your prescription, answer your questions, and provide ongoing support.

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If your prescription is dispensed through a specialty pharmacy, a dedicated group of pharmacists and nurses can help you get started with treatment by:

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Providing you with access
to a team of pharmacists and nurses who can answer your questions

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Delivering your prescription
of ZEJULA directly to you

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Scheduling regular calls from a nurse
during the first month of taking ZEJULA

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After the first month of treatment, you will receive monthly calls that offer ongoing one-on-one support, such as:

  • Planning lab tests and reminding you about those appointments
  • Setting up refills of ZEJULA
  • Offering ideas for staying on track
  • Answering questions you may have about taking ZEJULA

ZEJULA is available through 4 specialty pharmacies:

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